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Paediatric podiatry

Yes, we treat children’s feet. 

It is always important to check in with your children to ensure they have no pain or concerns with their feet. Sometimes kids aren’t the greatest communicators and it might be observations by a parent, family member or friend that notices something unusual or slightly different about a child’s feet. 

Children’s feet are constantly changing as they grow so it is very common to have different concerns at various ages. As podiatrists specialise in the treatment of conditions and diseases of the foot, ankle and lower limbs as we are very familiar with the developmental milestones and typical presentations of paediatric feet (children’s feet). Our role is significant in recognising any atypical foot presentations and appropriately diagnosing and managing them. This may include musculoskeletal and gait or general nail and skin conditions. Podiatrists are also here to prevent paediatric foot conditions from intensifying as children transition into adulthood. 

What are the biggest problems with little feet?

Children can experience flat feet: both asymptomatic or symptomatic, plantar warts, ingrown toenails, in-toeing, toe-walking, knock knees (Genu Valgum), heel pain, knee pain and shin or leg pain. 

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