How to get rid of smelly feet!

Our feet are covered by a layer of skin that has sweat glands, just like the rest of our skin does!  Our feet tend to sweat after being in our shoes for long hours and not airing them. Bacteria thrive and grow in the damp environment created when our feet sweat, causing that awful odor.

Good Care and Hygiene

Washing your feet daily will help minimize the bacterial growth and the cause of odor. To effectively clean the foot use warm water and soap, and scrub them hard enough to remove dead skin. Wash between your toes and make sure you dry them completely.

Not drying your feet properly may cause a chance of more bacteria growing which will cause odor. If you want to add an extra precaution after shower use antiperspirant on your feet to further reduce sweat.

Shoes and Socks

.Shoes and socks can play a huge role in preventing smelly feet. Wearing socks with closed shoes is a must as it will prevent sweat and help absorb it. Make sure you remove your socks when you are home and allow your feet to breath. Wash socks regularly and make sure you don’t wear any socks two days in a row. 

Shoes have to allow your feet to breath. Mesh material is a good for your feet as it allows the air
pockets that will evaporate sweat and not allow the shoe to become damp. It’s also important to alternate between shoes. Don’t wear one pair of shoes repeatedly, this allows the bacteria to colonies due to daily moisture.

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