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Taking Care of Flat Feet

How to tell if you have flat feet?

Your feet are determined to be flat if almost the entire bottom of your foot, including the arch, touches the ground when you walk or stand. You can tell the extent of your flat foot with a simple test: wet your feet and then stand on a dry flat surface. If the entire bottom of your foot leaves an imprint, then you have flat feet Those with normal arches will see a gap in the middle of the imprint where the arch is located.


 Foot pain that originates in the heels and arches, pain gets worse when standing or moving for long periods of time. Sometime swelling on the inside of the foot or ankle may also occur.

Potential complication

Flat feet can be responsible for misalignment and might lead to ankle and knee problems


  • Using arch supports in your shoes, which reduces pressure off the arches and support when standing or moving.
  • Performing certain exercises prescribed by a podiatrist. There are specific exercises designed to stretch the Achilles tendon to alleviate and prevent foot pain.
  • Wearing proper footwear that provides r arch support.
  • Undergoing physical therapy if you are dealing with foot pain due to injuries, which is common among athletes. Physical therapy can help strengthen ligaments, tendons and muscles of the feet and ankles to prevent excessive wear and tear, as well as pain and soreness in the arches and heels.

If you are dealing with pain due to flat feet and can’t seem to get your discomfort under control then you will want to talk with a podiatrist who can recommend certain exercises, proper footwear, and custom orthotics to improve the health of your feet. Talk to a podiatrist today.

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