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Toenail trimming guide

When toenails become too long it can be uncomfortable and might cause pain when pressed against your shoes.

Cut the nail when dry

When toenails are wet they tend to be softer than normal and won’t easily cut while cutting the toenails when dry allows for a cleaner and more precise cut. Avoid cutting your toenails immediately after a shower or oddly after the swimming pool.

Avoid cutting down to the skin

Cutting your toenails too low can make them prone to infection and cause pain. It’s smart to leave them a little longer to avoid this. Choosing the size of your nail clippers can help with this tip.

Cut in increments

Trying to cut the entire part of the long nail off at once will bend the nail. Small cuts help with precision as well. In case the nail bends in half leave it for a few hours in order to heal from the irritation.

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