Clear Step Podiatry

Common Misconceptions

As long as I cut down the edges of my nails, I will get rid of my ingrown toenails.

This is not true. Ingrown toenails are often caused by footwear that crowds the toes together, leaving them little room to move. That is an external force and cutting a notch in it will not help.

Getting pedicures

Many people think professional pedicures is a great way to care for their nails and skin.  While foot spas are a very risky place to get an infection. Chances for catching nasty organisms can result from  unsterilized tools. If you do get regular pedicures at a foot spa, make sure the tools they use have not been used on anyone else after the last time they were sterilized.


Over Moisturizing

you can moisturize your feet every day, but you should be aware of the amount you use and how you apply it. A thin amount is recommended because applying too much lotion on then putting on your socks will be uncomfortable and can lead to degradation of the skin. Do not put moisturizer between your toes. You want to keep the skin there dry to prevent infection.

Thinking corns have roots and warts have seeds

we tend to try to remove problems we see on our skin ourselves . But plantar warts do not have seeds that must be removed, they are tiny blood vessels that have broken and clotted.

A corn also does not have roots that must be removed, they are your skin’s natural way of building a defense against friction and other irritating factors by thickening. Professional treatment is the best way to take care of warts is through professional treatment.

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