Diabetic Foot Care Tips

Quit Smoking!

The chemicals in cigarette smoke damage and constrict your blood vessels, which means that if you smoke, you’re depriving your feet of the nutrient- and oxygen-rich blood that fights infection and keeps them healthy, The absence of smoking will keep the oxygen in your blood and help you fight off infections.

Wearing Custom Orthotics

For an easier time healing sores and generally less pressure on your feet, wearing correct shoes is so important, orthotic footwear is a great investment in protection and comfort; you can speak to one of our podiatrists for an easier time choosing the right orthotics

Don't Go Barefoot, Inside or Outside

Wearing shoes with good coverage outside to protect your feet might seem like enough, but even inside your house, walking around without shoes puts your feet at risk for scrapes, minor cuts or penetration by splinters and glass shards. If you have neuropathy, you might not notice these dangerous damages until they become infected. It’s important to wear shoes at all times, even in the house.

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